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News (29.06.2021): COMPATIBILITY - WMOSS4F & WINDOWS10. It is reported by many users that WMOSS ver.4F does work stable in WINDOWS 10 OS environment, if selected to run in compatibility mode "XP with SP3".

Further compatibility to WIN10 (and forward) will be reestablished "as native" at the release of WMOSS-5F version (WIP).

* * *

The original WMOSS program for Mössbauer spectra analysis (author Dr. Tom Kent)(retired) became over the years the dependable tool of choice for many groups and laboratories. Since 2005 the old WMOSS code was moved into Public Domain.

New developments started in 2009 (author Dr. Ion Prisecaru) and brought in 2013 the WMOSS4F and WMOSS4R versions. He also took charge of support, proper copyright maintenance and program developments for all versions named "WMOSS".

Because the use of WMOSS4F is free, it is fair to remind the authors of Mössbauer articles that any use of WMOSS program must be clearly and visibly acknowledged in all published work.

The appropriate reference would be:

Ion Prisecaru, “WMOSS4 Mössbauer Spectral Analysis Software, www.wmoss.org, 2009-2016“

Latest free version is WMOSS4 is version F, released on Feb. 27 2013. It contains improved functionalities and several new methods of analysis too. As we consider it the first major new version since ver2.51, it is strongly advised to consult the new WMOSS4F MANUAL for a complete list of changes.

The licensed version, WMOSS4R, has been introduced starting March 1st, 2013. This version offers additional capabilities for analysis of spin-spin relaxation mechanisms (optional the spin-lattice mechanisms too) in isotropic or axial Kramers systems with S=1/2, 3/2 or 5/2. Thoroughly tested and benchmarked, WMOSS4R is aimed to become an efficient help for more of the most difficult Mossbauer analysis problems. The range of applications include suitable intermediate relaxation cases in nanoparticles, molecular magnets or paramagnetic centers.

For more information or collaboration inquiries contact Dr. Ion Prisecaru at info@wmoss.org.


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