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Licensed versions of WMOSS4R


All versions of WMOSS4F are free of charge.

The version WMOSS4R is licensed and contains the Intermediate Relaxation (IR) solver on top of WMOSS4F. The distribution is offered under the following licensing conditions:

- EASY WMOSS4R : 1 or more license sets, each set containing 5 licenses valid 3 years (customer&hardware locked) - 1350EUR/set.

- FULL WMOSS4R : each set containing 5 licenses is offered with unlimited time validity (customer&hardware locked) - 2200EUR/set.

- INTERMEDIATE WMOSS4R : customers who purchased the EASY version and want to upgrade to FULL version within one year from the date of license expiration - 850EUR/set.

- The prices are VAT-free, include the digital media and shipping but exclude the banking and wire fees.

- Free IR solver updates for 2-years.

- Electronic copy of WMOSS4R Manual plus 1 free Online Interactive Seminar session with the topic "Introduction to IR solver" (Expert level).

- 20% discount offer with first purchase for Online Interactive Seminars (low, medium or advanced levels - see below).

- 10% discount offer for additional Online Interactive Sessions (max. 4/year, each 3 hours).


Online Interactive Seminars


From experience is known that online seminar sessions are both fun, practical and highly efficient. WMOSS.ORG is proud to be the first which offers "One-on-One" internet based seminars (audio+screen/mouse/keyboard+text) to help develop efficient usage skills for WMOSS program (free or licensed versions). With this method the attendees can practice their new skills live, just as they would operate WMOSS program on their own PC.

The seminars are slot-structured based on levels of difficulty. The reference material is WMOSS4 Manual. Each seminar is always offered to one customer at a time and may last up to 3 hours. The seminars are hosted by WMOSS; due to bandwidth and efficiency reasons one seminar session can accept connections from a group of maximum 5 PC-clients (ex. students) that are affiliated to the same institution.

The price for each seminar Slot is 285EUR.

The following default topics structure is offered:

SLOT-A : "Basic level":

- Overview of WMOSS

- The MENU structure

- Fundamentals of spectra data format

- Calibration

- Usual recommended practices

- Q&A

SLOT-B : Middle level:

- The Analysis SUBMENU

- Parameter files and the associated Theoretical Models

- Overview of Theoretical Models 1 to 8

- Flasher (interactive simulation)

- DOFIT (parameter based fit)

- Analysis refinement and additional procedures

- Postprocessing : Custom PS Plot

- Q&A

SLOT-C : Advanced level 1:

- Correct understanding of symmetry cases in WMOSS

- In-depth: the Model 5 series

- Q&A

SLOT-D : Advanced level 2:

- In-depth: the Models 1 and 4 series

- Q&A

SLOT-E : Expert level 1:

- highly complex simultaneous fits

- Q&A

SLOT-F : Expert level 2:

- various custom topics


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