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Customized Software Services

WMOSS.ORG's first mission is to try helping you to efficiently use WMOSS as Mössbauer analysis tool. The licensed top-end WMOSS4R program (see Catalog page) is highly customizable and we can try to help you to extend its range of usage.

Beyond WMOSS4R we might be able to offer help as Services, with the possibility to execute various small projects and software customizations. These can be described as software development projects, made for and together with the customer. Several examples are described below.

Convert old spectra formats:

Help to create executable procedures for importing your previous spectra (acquired or kept in unsupported formats) by WMOSS.

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Define new parameters:

Helps to add access to specific parameters that you need more often in your analysis. Such new parameters are always Model and application dependent, therefore not supported in standard versions of WMOSS.

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New Theoretical Models:

If you want to modify an already existing Theoretical Model or if you just wrote a new model (ex. coupled spin-hamiltonian extended to 3 or 4 spins; or perhaps a version for intermediate relaxation model using eigenvalues of relaxation superoperator) and want to test it with WMOSS then its implementation, testing and benchmarking can be outsourced to WMOSS.ORG.

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Other topics...:

If at present or in the future you have any questions, problems or troubles we will be glad to assist you in finding a solution.

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